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Affiliate Disclosure for 'Soft Dry Cat Food'

Greetings, and thank you for visiting ‘Soft Dry Cat Food’! At our core, we value transparency on the internet, and we need to share that we have incorporated specific products and links within this website. It’s worth noting that we may earn affiliate commissions from any purchases you make. Our primary objective with this blog is to provide valuable insights and knowledge to cat owners across various domains. However, please be aware that we operate this as a for-profit enterprise.

Our Affiliate Partners

We have a variety of affiliate partners whose products and services we promote and review. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cat food and nutrition products
  • Cat care accessories
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How Does It Work?

When you click on a recommended link, a cookie tracks your purchase. If you buy the product, we receive a small commission from the sale at no additional cost to you. This is how we fund our website and pay our team.

Our Promise to You

Our readers’ trust is of the utmost importance to us.

  1. We are exclusively affiliated with products, services, and vendors that we believe will benefit our readers.
  2. The perspectives and viewpoints shared on this blog are entirely our own. We consistently offer candid opinions, discoveries, convictions, and personal experiences regarding the subjects or products discussed.
  3. Rest assured that any compensation received will never have any sway over the content, subjects, or articles featured on this blog.

Your Support

It’s important to understand that while not every link on our blog is an affiliate link, for those that are, making purchases through them is a simple method to show your support for ‘Soft Dry Cat Food.’ We deeply appreciate your support!


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